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About the Artist

"When I do Art, I start a conversation with my heart, mind, and soul."

Manya Nofal developed an appreciation of art at an early age from a family of artists--aunts, uncles and cousins who were painters, embroiderers and weavers. She always saw the world in bright colors and possibilities.



While caring for her first-born son, she allowed herself to let go and embrace the art she loved so long ago. Nofal started to collect odds and ends at art stores and slowly her art pieces began to take shape. While she designed, her friends and family were so taken by the intricate details of her work they encouraged her to share her work with the outside world.


Nofal is a loving wife and a mother of three children, two boys and one girl. Her pieces are like children to her and she devotes time and love to each and everyone. Throughout the years, she has created wall reliefs, and uniquely textured and designed pieces of jewlery. She has raised her children by day and worked into the late hours of the night after the house grows silent with sleep. As a self-taught artist, Nofal creates and designs as her heart directs her.



Nofal's designs were exhibited for the first time at the Luxetigers Fashion Fund for Families on November 7, 2013. Her intricate and exquisite statement necklaces captured the attention of influential figures in the fashion world.


Her Designs also were featured in Today's Bride Magazine of San Francisco Bay Area for the spring issue of 2014






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